The MMW Lab was established in 2022 by Douglas Closs & Jose Concha. With its focus on impeccable details, the fragrance house combines a love for fashion, design, the arts and fine fragrances into one elegant piece. The collection explores visual and olfactory elements that dances with the senses and leave an impression on our memories, opening up a new way to tell a new story in our home.

The inspiration to name the candle line after select decades comes from their reverence for old hollywood film & fashion. Named after a character in Alfred Hitchcock's film "Dial M For Murder" Margot Mary Wendice was the perfect character to embody what the brand stands for: timeless style, confidence, humour, allure & mystery.

Like every artist, Closs & Concha have added their signature to every art piece with a one-of-a kind paint smear that seals the overall look of the candle as a living, useable piece that can be displayed in any room of your choosing.

Exclusively at Pink Tartan & Misto Lino in Toronto and Shop Collective Will in Vancouver. Featured in The Kit's Holiday Gift Guide 2022